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Are you craving community, collaboration, expansion & growth with like minded souls who just GET that we are meant to live a BIG life?!

If this sounds like you, it's time for some thrilling news!

Unveiling our premier Wealth Warriors Retreat in the enchanting Tulum, Mexico, spanning November 10th and 11th.

More than just a retreat, this is a transformative rendezvous. Dive deep into masterminding, content creation, brand building and nurture profound connections, all while basking in the luxury of our chosen villa. 

The cherry on top?

We've set aside 5 FREE tickets exclusively for individuals like YOU.

(Valued at $3000+)

Picture this:

*High-impact workshops tailored to elevate your brand, business, and legacy.

*Photo/videoshoot to capture your unique brand essence.

*Real-time connections with fellow High Ticket Affiliate Marketers. Revelations that ordinary people are carving extraordinary life paths, expanding your belief that YES, anything is possible when you say YES.

*Saucy AF movement workshops to get you connected to your embodied visionary self

The insights to uplevel your mastery in this industry and content you'll create collaboratively will be what you get use in your content for years to come.

Remember, we're living testament to the fact that we earn by being authentically us and living life unabashedly on our terms. Now, it's your cue to join this league.

So, how do you lay claim to your Tulum ticket?


🏝️ Watch our upcoming webinar, "How To Create Wealth Being Yourself on Social Media with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing."​

🏝️ Feel the synergy? Book a call. Let's chat, explore, and decode if our vision aligns.

🏝️ If it's a shared fully body YES, we'll not just be your mentors guiding each stride, but you'll also be gifted a FREE ticket to our Luxe Empire Wealth Warriors Retreat, when you partner with our High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Model within a 3-day window post our call.

Your Next Steps?

🏝️ Immerse in the Masterclass​ TODAY.

🏝️ Fantasize about leisurely sips of coconut, coupled with a floating breakfast by our rooftop pool.

🏝️ Work in tandem with us, unlocking your first 5-figure month ASAP here so we can celebrate your milestones together in Tulum!

Reserve Your FREE Retreat Ticket Now.

I'm SO excited to see you there!

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All Dreams Deserve A Road Map & One That Allows Us To LIVE Is One That Allows Us Thrive
~Sabre Bruffy

What Will You Discover In This Free Masterclass?

✨Unveil the secrets to crafting a conscious income online that not only benefits you, but also others and the planet.

✨Get insights into the revolutionary business model that's transforming the world - it's online, automated, and recession-proof!

✨Join a community that motivates, inspires, and propels you towards success regardless of where you're starting from.

✨Learn how to build a legacy that generates passive income month after month, paving the way for generational wealth while staying true to yourself.

✨Discover the power of leveraging a High Impact, High Income Business, Personal Brand, Automation, and Education to design your dream life.

Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Welcome
Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Video
Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Pro Gallery

⚜️Meet The Community⚜️

Witness the power of creatives, free thinkers and visionaries globally create true and prosperity in ALL areas of life. 

Together, we are determined to disrupt and transform the status quo, lifting others to heights beyond our own.

It's not just about us, it's about YOU and your story. It's about stepping into your power and shaping the future of humanity. 

The time to act is NOW. It all starts with belief - belief in yourself, in our collective vision, and in our ability to make a positive impact on the world.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? 

It's time to step up and claim your space in this world. 

Together, we can make it happen!

If you're a freedom seeker who is tired of being someone they're not just for a paycheck and trading their time for money...

Or you're stuck in the hassle of low ticket network marketing...

Or you're a business owner who desires to live a bigger life that you were told you would, but aren't seeing the money come to fruition yet...

Or you're sick and tired of creating courses and launching...

Or you're a successful entrepreneur who is ready to add another scalable stream of income to take your mission to a whole other level...

This is for you.

This is about LEGACY income- having guaranteed monthly income for life that you can pass on to future generations. 

Watch our free training and do your own due diligence to learn for yourself how this works. 

If you see what we see, let's link arms together and take this to the races.

We're excited to hear how your vision expands!

Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Video


Sabre is a loud & proud digital entrepreneur, dancer, online business mentor, and speaker inspiring women worldwide to live life on their terms.

Her journey began with a devastating loss, driving her to seize control of her life and reject the medication forced upon her by the foster care system.

Despite grappling with addiction, an eating disorder, and depression, she persisted, ultimately discovering her own unique path.

Following her first Burning Man experience in 2014, Sabre boldly quit college and her job, embarking on the alternative, free-spirited lifestyle she had always envisioned: traveling in a bus as an artist.

As the stresses of this life mounted, Sabre turned to High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, connecting with a supportive community of mentors who shared her vision.

With their guidance, she transformed her life, ultimately becoming a digital nomad, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.

Today, Sabre stands as a respected voice in The Freedom Era Movement, speaking to thousands globally about leveraging social media to achieve true freedom and radical self-expression.

As CEO of The Wealth Warriors Emporium, a global community of leaders, coaches, creatives, and freedom seekers, Sabre embodies a courageous personal brand, inspiring visionaries to turn their mess into their message and earn abundantly for it.

She co-hosted a Freedom Formula Mastermind, generating more than a million dollars in sales despite the pandemic's global impact, and has transformed the lives of over 5,000 individuals around the world.

Sabre continues to travel worldwide, speaking on podcasts and stages, empowering people to forge their brands, businesses, and legacies online.

This done-for-you High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Model has disrupted the game for nearly 50 years, and she is steadfast in her mission to connect as many visionaries as possible to create their own Brands, Business & Legacy in this time where there are expected to be 40% more millionaires than ever in history in the coming years. 

With proven models and results to back it, she carries the solution for financial freedom for conscious freedom seekers world wide.

Wealth Warriors Masterclass: About
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Imagine being a Wealth Warrior, creating a high-income online that works for you, others, and the planet.

Imagine having automated sales and leads 24/7 without any sales calls or closing deals yourself.

Imagine the freedom to work from anywhere, on your own terms, using just your laptop or smartphone.

Imagine leaving your 9-5 grind behind forever, no more asking for time off from a boss, and no more building someone else's dreams.

Imagine having the power to impact causes that matter to you most, while building your own legacy income for life and for future generations.

And the best part? You don't have to reinvent the wheel to achieve this. Simply model what's already working for others and get real results.

With the right mentorship, organic and paid advertising strategies, and building your personal brand and credibility, you can turn this daydream into your normal reality.

Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Text


• Take charge of your own income by building a business that isn't reliant on a potentially unstable job.

• Attract leads and sales effortlessly, without ever needing to make sales calls or do the selling yourself!

• Work from anywhere using just your laptop or smartphone, without being tethered to a 9-5 routine.

• Say goodbye to asking for time off from a boss and devote your time to building your own dreams instead.

• Make a meaningful impact on the causes closest to your heart.

• Break free from the cycle of endlessly running on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel.

• Be able to afford organic food, invest in sustainable products, and have financial freedom to explore the world.

• Provide for your loved ones, clear your debts, and create an enduring source of income that can be passed down through generations.

The secret to achieving real, lasting results is to emulate the success of others. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not replicate what has already proven to work?

Wealth Warriors Masterclass: Text
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